DJ green has it right

THE pastures look green for this Pretoria-based musician and DJ as he looks to the future.

THE pastures look green for this Pretoria-based musician and DJ as he looks to the future.

The green boy, Vusimuzi Ntatshana aka DJ MuZI.GP, who signed a "climate-change pledge" in December 2009 with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, has shot a music video for his hit tracks Inhliziyo yami and Chemistry, which come off his latest releaseMuzimania Unleashed, Episode 3.

DJ MuZI.GP, pictured, has been dubbed green boy because of his "save the environment" campaign and his green disc inside his new album. He is donating a percentage of his album sales to saving the environment and at the same time challenging other artists to adopt the green campaign.

He wants to be an "eco ambassador" for the arts industry. He is talking to people in the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism through Indalo Yethu and Miss Earth.

The video is a duet of his hit songs Inhliziyo yami and Chemistry. It runs for about four and a half minutes and ends just when it gets really exciting. The video is expected to hit the small screen by end of January to the beginning or middle of February.

Shot at a studio in Hatfield, Pretoria, the video features glamour and good life from the DJ's perspective. The story line is very simple. He is preparing to deejay for an event and the video starts with him having a make-over. Then he drives into the paparazzi and crazy fans. After greeting and pleasing his fans, the DJ is offered a place in a "white VIP lounge". He chats, laughs, jokes and drinks with other VIPS. He then teaches them the song and how to dance. In no time at all, they are all dancing to the song and he gives them his album.

The video intercuts the story line with the dancers Julia Moreosele and Rachel Dineo Mathibe and the beautiful female vocalist Joyce Lebogang Majola.

Before the transition into the second half of the video, the DJ gives a sneak preview of the club scene, which was shot on location under an uncontrolled environment.

DJ MuZI.GP's love for the environment is made apparent in the video transition too. It features a "Save the Earth" message for about two seconds while a backspin on the audio stream aids the transition, which is meant to bring awareness to the viewers.

DJ MuZi.GP's solid-green disc transcends the world as we know it and thereafter an image of the world that will get anyone thinking.

Unfortunately, because of time contraints, this transition is too quick to really be aware of, but if you are paying attention you will still see the picture in your head long after the video has ended.

This transition design and a background of the green disc has made the video popularly known as the "green video".

After the transition, the video gains momentum and vibe as the DJ and his "band" and "dancers" develop a certain chemistry.

This is really a clever way of shooting a video. It is entertaining and at the same time sends across an intelligent and important message.

This is a video that will get the industry to stop, to watch and to think.