SA stained with blood of little children

SOUTH Africa is the land of plenty - in biblical terms it could be known as the promised land.

SOUTH Africa is the land of plenty - in biblical terms it could be known as the promised land.

It is a beautiful country, one which its chosen people were aptly described by Bishop Desmond Tutu as the rainbow nation.

This country, perched on the southern tip of Africa, one which belongs to all who live in it, is embarrassingly stained with the blood and the unflattering tears of its own children.

I might be guilty of looking at this precious rainbow with rose-coloured glasses because, to a humble man like me, this gloriously amazing and colourful drawing behind the grey and clouded sky looks tainted by the scandalous and preposterous way in which its children are ill-treated, abused, brutally raped and maimed on a daily basis.

To be quite frank, I derive no joy nor any sense of pride from the traumatic state in which our children, yours and mine, find themselves.

This wealthy country of gold and other rich minerals plays host to children who are infected with HIV, emanating not from their doing but from the selfish and insatiable lust for fateful sex.

This beloved country of my birth is filled with homeless and sickly and hungry babies who are considered to be a vexation to the spirit.

These gifts of life have been turned into street beggars by those among us who brutally rape, sodomise and rob the future of this country of their innocence.

My infected soul bemoans the status quo and I wish to challenge all our leaders and those privileged enough to live in stinking opulence to step back for a few seconds by looking at life through the eyes of a hungry and thirsty child.

Our children are crying from their little graves, they are asking for consideration. They deserve care and provision and love, peace and comfort.

The children of the universe, my children, on behalf of the living ones, are crying out for protection and bliss and laughter.

I humble myself before each and every one of you to spare a compassionate thought for all our children.

Remember that there is a child in every one of us. Children are the apple of my eye and the love of my life. They can be yours too.