Police embarrassed as impounded car is stolen from parking lot at station

CRIMINALS have made a mockery of police at the Modjadjiskloof police station in Limpopo.

This happened after a Honda Ballade went missing while it was parked inside the station.

According to information, police acting on a tip off impounded the vehicle from the owner who they accused of using a fake licence.

The police allegedly told the owner that his vehicle would be parked in a safe place at the police station. He was told that he would only get it back once the investigations into the validity of the licence had been completed.

But it later transpired that the police station, which has cameras and patrolling police officers working 24 hours a day, was not a safe place after all.

The police station is fenced and police officers are on patrol all the time.

Modjadjiskloof police spokesperson Inspector Kgamedi Seshoka said the Honda Ballade was parked at the SAPS 13- camp inside the police station when it went missing on Saturday night.

Seshoka said the station had police personnel controlling the camp and seeing to it that it was locked after hours.

He said the officer responsible for the camp was off duty on the night the vehicle went missing.

"The following day when he came to work he was baffled like everyone else when he realised the vehicle was missing," Seshoka said.

"He went to the place in which he keeps the keys and could not find them.

"When he went to the camp, the vehicle was also not there and he immediately reported the matter to his superiors."

Seshoka said police were still wondering how the vehicle was stolen because no one except the police had access to the keys and to the camp.

Asked if they suspected an inside job, Seshoka said police could not rule out the possibility that someone from the SAPS could be involved.

"Whether it is an inside job or not doesn't matter, we have now opened a case of theft and we will arrest anyone who could be linked to the disappearance of the vehicle.

"We are still gathering more information regarding the matter," Seshoka said.

"We are now at an advanced stage and we believe that through the assistance of the public we could be bringing the perpetrators to book soon," he said.