girl stabs gran to death

MURDERED: Salaminah  Sekgojane. Uunknown
MURDERED: Salaminah Sekgojane. Uunknown

A TEENAGE girl who failed matric twice stabbed her 85-year-old grandmother to death for insisting that she goes back to school to repeat the class.

The 18-year-old was arrested yesterday and charged with murder after she stabbed Salaminah Sekgojane twice with a knife.

The teenager was found hiding in the bush because she feared that the community would set her alight.

The incident happened at the weekend in Madidi section, Klipgat, near GaRankuwa, north of Pretoria.

Sekgojane was sleeping under a tree at her house when her granddaughter stabbed her in the stomach and right side of the chest and then fled.

Police said Sekgojane felt a sharp pain in her chest. She thought she had been hit by a mango falling from the tree.

Police spokesperson Captain Adele Myburgh said: "The old lady realised that her granddaughter had stabbed her when she saw her running away and her clothes soaking with blood. She realised that she was injured and ran to the neighbours for help. She was rushed to hospital where she died."

The accused's mother, who did not want to be named, said she was shocked and embarrassed about what had happened.

"I am so ashamed, how did my daughter turn into such a monster. My mother was a jolly person who got along with everybody. I lived with her all my life, we fought sometimes but I always respected her. How did this happen?" she asked.

The mother said she was at work in Pretoria when she received a call on Friday to say that her mother was in hospital.

"She was still alive when I arrived at Odi Hospital but she was in so much pain. She was later transferred to GaRankuwa Hospital where she died on arrival."

She said her daughter was doing well at school until she failing matric in 2008.

"I do not know what got into her. She was an obedient child before she started failing matric. I warned her about the bad company she kept but she would not listen.

"In September she ran away from home to be with her friends and she only came home towards the end of December. My mother and I begged her to go back to school but she would not hear of it.

"She was supposed to be repeating her matric for the third time and I even offered to give her money so she could go to a different school. She never performed well in her matric class because she was always on the streets with her friends," she said.

The teenager is expected to appear in the GaRankuwa magistrate's court today.