Gatvol sugar daddy dumps Khanyi Mbau

KHANYI Mbau has been dumped by her rich boyfriend. And he has taken back the Z4 he bought her a few months ago.

KHANYI Mbau has been dumped by her rich boyfriend. And he has taken back the Z4 he bought her a few months ago.

He will also stop paying the R10000 rent for her upmarket crib in Hyde Park.

Theunis Crous, the man she has been bragging about as being her sugar daddy, yesterday said he was gatvol with the drama queen and dumped her like a hot potato.

"Dating Khanyi was a huge mistake. She is a liar and a manipulator.

"I do not know how to say sorry enough to my wife. The past nine months have been hell for my family. I do not wish Khanyi to my worst enemy. She is a witch," Crous said.

He confirmed he had given her the black Lamborghini which she showed off last year, complete with personalised number plates. He took it back when his wife found out and replaced it with the BMW Z4 a few months ago.

Crous told Sowetan that their relationship started to crack a few weeks ago when Mbau left for Togo with her other boyfriend. She told him she was going for a cleansing ceremony.

"She told me that her great-grandparents came from Togo and asked for money for the ceremony. I later discovered that she left with her boyfriend who is a prince in Limpopo. I also discovered that she was going to strip clubs with rich men like myself."

The 51-year-old businessman said Mbau had an overpowering sex appeal he found irresistible and manipulative.

"She lies about everything. She lives in a fantasy world and is extremely lazy. I tried to help her start a construction business but she just did not want to work."

He said the last straw was when Mbau took him to a spirit medium recently who told him that his wife was a witch and that he should leave her. He later discovered she had briefed the medium.

Mbau also gave him an ultimatum to dump his wife and lied on Facebook that she was pregnant and engaged.

He said they met when she was still married to Mandla Mthembu. He claimed she seduced him after he refused to loan Mthembu R250000.

"I left my home in Dainfern and moved in with her in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. Things were not fine between me and my wife at that time. We had just moved from Port Elizabeth," he confessed.

Crous said for him and his white friends, dating black women was a status symbol.

"When you are my age, dating a black young woman like Khanyi is a thrill. When we were growing up, having an affair with a black girl was forbidden. We loved them but we could not date them."

Sowetan accompanied Crous to their townhouse. When we got there he opened the main door but Mbau had locked herself in the bedroom. Parked in one of their bays was a silver Mercedes-Benz coupé. Sowetan later confirmed it belonged to a man from Dunkeld West.

Mbau denied ever dating Crous. She insisted her sugar daddy was called Jimmy.

"I am dating Jimmy," she screamed before dropping the phone.

Crous said Jimmy was a pet name Mbau used for him.