Agony as two boys go missing

TWO families are having sleepless nights not knowing where their children are.

Four-year-old Lethabo Bawa went missing on December 19 at a relative's birthday party in Dobsonville, Soweto.

His mother Sonia Bawa said her brother Mike collected Lethabo from their parents' home in Dobsonville to go to the party.

He then left the youngster and his wife at the party while he went to the bank.

When he returned and asked where the child was, he was told that he had left with another child.

Later he asked again and was told Lethabo had left with his 14-year-old cousin.

But the cousin said she had left him behind.

"No one seems to know what happened," said Sonia, fighting back tears.

"I work in Cape Town as a private nurse. I cannot go back to work until my child is found. I will probably lose my job.''

He was reported missing on December 20.

Across town in Vlakfontein, Rosemary Tshabalala is beside herself. Her grandchild has been missing since the first day of school.

His nine-month pregnant mother, Thobile Tshaba-lala, from Mofolo in Soweto, left Knowledge, aged 6, with her as she was due to give birth any time.

The grandmother took him to Number One Primary School in Eikenhof at about 10am.

Knowledge was to return home with his 14-year-old cousin who attends the same school.

But when his cousin couldn't find him in the afternoon he got on a bus and went home.

"I think because the little one's knock off earlier Knowledge might have got on to the wrong bus.

"The school said they knew nothing," Tshabalala said yesterday.

She said she did not tell her daughter that her son was missing because she thought it might affect her pregnancy.

But on Friday she came clean because she needed the boy's pictures for the police.

Tshabalala is hoping she will get clarity today from the bus drivers.

Knowledge's mother could not be reached for comment.

Police confirmed both cases and said there had not been any breakthrough.

Investigations are continuing.