Sowetan was out of order in unfair report

THE story that appeared inSowetan on Tuesday, December 22 under the headline: "Out-of-order Tsedu told to cool it at memorial service" refers.

After reading the story, I personally contacted the writer, Frank Maponya, because I believe the story was not a true reflection of what transpired and as a result was damaging to my person.

I want to state for the record that I am deeply disappointed by the below-par standard of journalism that has been displayed. Whereas I reserve the right of every journalist to select a suitable angle to his story, I believe that Maponya contradicts some of the basic ethics of journalism when he allows his personal emotional feelings to influence his writing - at least about me.

It is not true that I did not deliver a message of support to the bereaved family as is alleged in the story.

I delivered my message in both TshiVenda and English. All messages and speeches at the memorial service were recorded by Capricorn FM.

Yes, I was critical of the Sowetan and other publications, but did not say anything about the producers of Muvhango.

The programme director for the day, Josias Ncube, did not call me to order as was reported.

The impressions that have been created about me by this story are honestly very poor. They project me as a media-hostile and heartless person who did not respect the family of Elelwani or the crowd that had gathered to pay their respects.

I have no qualms with my views about the press being written about.

I do not expect any favourable treatment from Sowetan on matters of any nature, but I believe that I deserve fair treatment.

Mpho Tsedu, Auckland Park