Schooling delayed in Soweto

SCHOOLING was delayed in some parts of Soweto, with teachers running up and down allocating classes to pupils.

Fewer schools started teaching than expected by the Gauteng department of education.

At some schools pupils were standing outside classes, with some walking in lines to classes.

A teacher at Thutolore Secondary School, where teaching started yesterday, said: "We are one of the lucky schools.

"We received all new registration on time and were able to allocate classes just after assembly.

"We are getting a few late registrations but we are hoping that by the end of the week we'll be sorted out."

He said the school got a 67,7percent matric pass rate last year.

"We are going to improve that this year," he said.

Meadowlands High School principal Moses Senye told Sowetan that the school was working really hard towards improving its 52,23percent pass rate.

"We have a commitment from pupils, teachers and parents. We are aiming for 70percent and we will achieve it.

"We are ready and are managing late registrations," said Senye.

Senye is also the regional chairperson of the South African Democratic Teachers' Union.

Last year he was at the centre of the havoc at schools during stayaways over grievances about appointments.

Senye said the school had about 200 matriculants this year.

"Pupils just have to work hard, focus and commit themselves and nothing else," Senye said

A teacher at Naledi High School, where teaching had not started, said: "We are hoping that by tomorrow, things will have been settled.

"We are ready to start. We were just delayed by class allocations."