routine in the life of first-timer Tumisang

TUMISANG Salae is one of the 1,1million pupils who started school for the first time yesterday.

Tumisang's day started on a sleepy note when his mother, Lebogang Salae, had difficulty getting him out of bed.

At 5am the five-year-oldwoke up by cameras taking pictures of him.

"He refuses to go to sleep early so waking up in the morning will be a hassle," Salae said.

"He watches TV until late but that will have to change.

"I am so happy I'm going to school," said Tumisang, enrolled as a Grade 1 pupil at Senyamo Primary School in Dobsonville, Soweto.

By 5.20am he was already dressed and ready to start the first day of his long school career.

At 6.15am he had a bowl of soft porridge.

"I am very happy that this day has finally arrived," Salae said.

"I will wish him luck and I know he will not disappoint me."

Salae said she had organised transport to collect her son from home in the morning and to bring him home in the afternoon.

"I will prepare a lunch box for him every day.

"I won't give him money because he will be spoilt."

Tumisang's excitement grew as he arrived at school.

He forgot to say goodbye as he joined the throngs of other eager pupils for assembly.