'Public must use hotlines'

DEPUTY director of civic services in the national department of Home Affairs Vusi Mkhize has urged people to use hotline numbers that are set up to respond to the public's queries.

This comes after the department expressed sadness over allegations that it was responsible for the death of a 20-year-old man who committed suicide last week on Monday after he allegedly failed to obtain an ID.

It was reported that Celani Nyathi's mother believed that her son also suffered verbal abuse at the Estcourt home affairs offices.

But the department has played down accusations levelled against at it over the incident, saying that when a person committed suicide without giving reasons, it was natural for the family to try and find closure by determining the cause.

Mkhize, who said they sympathised with family, maintained that the department did not contribute to Nyathi's death.

He said reports that Nyathi had applied for an ID were false as he had applied for a late birth certificate.

Mkhize said that Nyathi's birth certificate was approved but he never went back to check on the progress.