Facts on heart defect

SOME statistics about ectopiacordis:

SOME statistics about ectopiacordis:

lIt is an extremely rare congenital defect where the heart grows outside the body and the chest wall and sternum fail to develop.

lIt occurs in 7,9 per 1million live births.

l Most of the cases have been reported in China and India.

lBefore 2006, China recorded less than 200 cases of babies born with ectopia cordis.

lLongest surviving person with ectopia cordis, Christopher Wall, is now in his mid-thirties.

lLast year there were two cases of babies born with this condition - one is China and another in India. The previous year, another child was born in China's Guangdong province.

lIn November 2007, India recorded one case.

lThe US has also recorded a case of ectopia cordis. - Sources: Internet