Do it for us, not the world

I BELIEVE one of the goals of South Africa is to become a great nation.

I BELIEVE one of the goals of South Africa is to become a great nation.

Are we making earnest attempts to achieve this goal?

Many projects are already completed and others are under way to make South Africa a better country in terms of infrastructure. There are also signs of improvement all over the country.

Officials have put their best foot forward and have done a very good job so far.

There is progress, but that is not surprising since, of course, it is all because of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

I would like to question the integrity of our officials.

I bet things would be stagnant had it not been for the world tournament coming to South Africa.

Do we keep our house dirty and clean it only when we are going to have visitors?

The government does things only for its own account, such as elections and the 2010 World Cup.

The most needed projects that are only being done now have existed for a long time.

I also doubt the maintenance and efficiency of infrastructure after the World Cup.

I have a feeling that dishes won't be washed again and the house will be overflowing with litter.

I also don't trust the quality of some infrastructure because of the pressure encompassing most of these projects.

I'm suspicious that a lot of dirt might be swept under the rug.

The bottom line is that our government is laden with hypocrisy. To be a great nation, we need to combat that first.

Let us clean ourselves and be true to ourselves and then we can be true to the world.

Let us have the initiative to get things done to better our country and not to impress the world.

Dumisani Esau KhumaloOrange Farm