Ruling party has failed our pupils

THERE are myriad problems bedeviling our education system.

As long as black people are not independent and have not attained self-determination our problems will persist. We have not attained self-determination, only tokenism where black faces are seen in offices previously occupied by whites.

Are the values we instil in our children values that buttress and sustain interest in education? Do crass materialism and an ostentatious display of opulence by the nouveau riche instil values and kindle interest in education and should they be emulated?

Before introducing a new education system research must be done. Before implementing a pilot project, carry out research. We have put the cart before the horse and we experiment on students.

The medium of instruction is also a problem for many African pupils. When pupils learn in a foreign language, they waste a third of their time because they learn language and content at the same time.

Most children come from poor families and live in shacks. How can they compete with children who live in Sandton for example and attend former model C or private schools, staffed with qualified teachers?

Teacher and pupil discipline is another factor adversely affecting the academic performance of township and rural children.

Members of the ruling party only want to stay in power and are not interested in bettering education. They waste time trying to be elected rather than improving black people's lives.

Sam Ditshego, Kagiso