Racists turning Togo incident into politics

WHAT happened to the Togo national soccer team in Angola is unfortunate, but for some Europeans to make it a political issue is even more unfortunate.

It's about time that Europeans realised that colonialism is gone forever. It's time they acknowledge that Africa has the right to make her own choices and mistakes, like everybody else. It's time they realised that we no longer take orders from them.

Idiots like Hull manager Phil Brown can go to hell. Brown had the audacity to say he would recall his players, Nigeria's Seyi Olofinjana and Gabon's Daniel Cousin, from the Afcon because he feared for their safety. Who does he think he is? President of Africa?

I applaud Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger for supporting Africans.

The English have been most vocal about the incident. Interestingly, their national cricket team is here and none of them have been murdered.

I also do not see the link between Angola and South Africa that the Europeans see. We are not at war with anyone. We have no soldiers in sovereign Iraq, sovereign Afghanistan or anywhere else.

I wish disgruntled old and racist Europeans would go to the Transkei coast and see how young, curious, enlightened and adventurous Europeans enjoy themselves here. Like the young man from Lucerne, Switzerland, I gave a lift to last December in Port St Johns. He didn't look threatened and he said he'd be back in June. I am happy that some Europeans don't listen to stupid, racist alarmists.

The World Cup will come and go and will leave a lasting memory and legacy for generations to come.

Richardson Mzaidume, Pimville