Food parcels for the poor go missing

THE police in Tshamutumbu are investigating a case of theft against community leaders in Madimbo, who are allegedly selling food parcels meant for the poor.

It is alleged that the suspects took food from the social development department and put price tags on the parcels, selling them at low prices.

Sowetan learnt that packages worth R500 each were sold for R100 and R300 on the street.

The scam has been going on since November and was only noticed when destitute families complained that they were not receiving food parcels in terms of the local municipality announcement.

Tshamutumbu police spokesperson Constable Peggy Ramavhunga yesterday told Sowetan they had received information about the activities and had dispatched their members to investigate the alleged practices.

According to the social development workers more than half of the population in the area depend on social development and food parcels since the majority of the villagers are poor.

Ramavhunga said the information they received indicated that the food parcels had been stolen though there were no signs of a break-in

"That's why we are investigating the matter," said Ramavhunga.