Mom and store in row over bed

A KWADUKUZA woman has threatened to take legal action against a furniture store if it does not replace a bed she bought from them.

Fikisiwe Majola bought a bed from Ellerines in 2004 but it was burnt down together with her belongings and her home in 2005.

She said since she had been paying insurance as part of the hire purchase agreement, she was entitled to a new bed.

She said she had on several occasions tried to get another bed from the store but failed.

"At first my claim was attended to by a manager but he has since left the store. Someone else took over from him at the beginning of last year, but still the bed has not been replaced."

The 30-year-old self-employed mother of three said she had personally spoken to the store manager about her case. "He always gives me the 'don't call us we will call you' response."

However, Freedom Mthethwa, the store manager, is adamant that he has never seen Majola.

"I know about her case. I got to hear of it when I arrived at the store early 2008.

"The woman has never come to the store and I would advise her to pop in so that we can come up with a resolution over the bed."

Chairperson of the National Consumer Forum Thami Bolani said Majola should report the store to a financial retail association if they kept ignoring her claim.

"If she has really paid for her insurance she is entitled to a new bed."

Bolani also said consumers were not obliged to insure goods when buying from retail stores.