Matric dance should come after exams

I HAVE never been pleased by the matric dance. I am still trying to understand its relevance and why the education department as well as parents allow the event to continue.

Matric results in recent years have not been exciting.

Preparations for the passage beyond matric involve a lot of sacrifice, money and time. Expectations are raised and pupils can't wait to get to luxurious hotels to dance and to be romantic with their partners.

Those pupils who failed have another chance to attend the next matric dance at the expense of their struggling parents. This is embarrassing to us as a nation. It confirms our unwillingness to think and act.

Youth and student organisations have the responsibility of shaping and giving direction to pupils. They are expected to raise and debate issues that affect young people.

It is foolish to celebrate before writing exams.

The goal is to pass all the subjects and not just to write all the subjects. Matriculants who have not been doing well during the year are part of the celebrations, knowing very well that they have not worked hard.

This reflects a nation that does not value education.

Parents have a responsibility to debate this wasteful expenditure. It is they who constitute the SGBs and are therefore accountable for decisions that affect pupil But, sadly, schools themselves are responsible for organising these activities.

These celebrations should be formalised and held after the results are out . In so doing, the department and schools would help parents as pupils will prepare to repeat matric instead of buying expensive clothes.

Darkie Mbanyana, Daveyton