Opposition must learn ANC poll plan

OPPOSITION parties have a lot to learn from the election strategies of the ruling party if they hope not to be opposition parties until someone's son returns.

I campaigned for the ANC in the 2009 elections and if campaigning was a boxing match, the ANC is Muhammad Ali.

Unlike Cope, who confused their electorate with posters of two leaders, which might have misled people into thinking that the new party was the African Christian Democratic Party, the ANC's campaign was very straightforward.

Opposition parties such as the PAC, Azapo and the UDM need to first accept that working separately will ensure that they never make an impact on the country's politics.

Secondly, they need to work closer with their communities on projects dedicated to the emancipation of the people.

Thirdly, they must get their public relations in order and stop sounding so bitter because this indignant direction only makes them look like they have eaten sour grapes.

Fourthly, the PAC must explain exactly what they mean when they say they want the land and also how this will be different to the shenanigans in Zimbabwe.

Finally, they must be more active and organise themselves much more efficiently because in between elections you would swear that they have perished. If the media is a hindrance, these parties must themselves reach out to the communities and be their own media.

From personal experience, I don't believe the ANC rigs elections. The ruling party and its alliance must be commended for having outstanding organisational principles.

Tebogo Ditshego, Kagiso