Moms light a fire under slack policing

A GROUP of mothers from Trenance Park, outside Verulam, have joined forces to demand the arrest of a rape suspect.

The mothers are angry because despite cases being lodged with the police as early as November, the suspect had not been arrested.

The victims, a boy and a girl aged 7, were allegedly molested and raped by a neighbour in November and December last year.

The women have threatened to take the law into their own hands if the police do not act quickly.

On Monday 25 women went to the Verulam police station demanding answers.

The boy's mother, who led the delegation, said her son was molested and then given money in exchange for his silence.

"He called him into a vacant building, gave him R2 and forced him to suck on his private parts," she said.

"He threatened to slap my son if he did not do so. My son came home vomiting. I took him to a doctor to examine him.

She said she went to the Verulam police station and laid a charge, but the police refused to arrest the suspect, saying there was not enough evidence. She said soon afterwards a girl was allegedly raped by the same suspect.