THE year 2009 was one that most of us couldn't wait to end. Economic woes, terror attacks, bizarre weather, celebrities behaving badly and plain boring local fashion shows were the order of the day.

According to the experts, 2010 will be an exciting year for fashion.

With the Audi Joburg Fashion Week 2010 on between January 20 and 23 at the Sandton Convention Centre, a lot of attention is naturally turning to 2010 fashion trends.

Local fashion icon Uyanda Mbuli and the owner of Diamond Face Couture predicts that we'll emerge from the global financial crisis and, as a result, we can expect to see a new standard of fashion.

Cosmoworld, a fashion website, says that fashion will be classically inspired, but with a serious infusion of sex and skin.


Fashioning.com predicts that if ever there was a time to hit the gym, that time is now. Hemlines have crept up to shorter than short and are in fact reaching the negative. Hot pants, boy shorts and tap pants are all variations on this shorter-than-short style, which in many cases reveal much more than just one's legs.

Knee-high and over-the-knee socks

Knee-high socks - as well as over-the-knee and thigh-high socks - are back with a bang and the options on how to wear them are many. From the sporty to the sparky, to layerings of socks over tights. Just remember that a great pair of socks can add volumes to any outfit.

Future warrior

The military and tribal trends collide to become this fierce fashion trend. Ancient civilisations come to life in leather tunics, metal plating, and war paint. Unequivocally fearless and with room for endless creativity, the main criteria for the modern warrior is confidence.

High dress splits

How to pull off the ultimate in sexy without reaching for the micro-mini? Add a long dress with a high split to your wardrobe.

Sporty clothing

Sportswear takes on a whole new level of cool when it hits trend status in 2010.

Football inspirations turn tomboy chic to sexy yet effortless looks, while Bond girl scuba-inspired clothing is the pinnacle of sporty bombshell. Dance and 20s-inspired tennis looks also feature in our comprehensive look at sporty clothing in 2010.

Jump suits and playsuits

Every so often, one-piece styles of clothing have a revival. What started with bodysuits and leotards is now becoming a fully-fledged trend towards jump suits, playsuits and rompers.

As a unique style for 2010, they won't be for everyone, but they will offer more options than you'd think.

Patterned and printed pants

We don't have to stick to boring block colours on pants for all varieties of printed pants have made their way onto the spring runways. Floral, striped, abstract, bold or subdued patterns on pants are giving us new bold wardrobe options for the warmer months.

Boyfriend blazers

Continuing to be a wardrobe staple for spring and summer 2010, the boyfriend blazer is a simple way to look chic on a fresh spring day or a mild summer's night. A slightly oversized blazer, sleeves rolled up, is the pinnacle of relaxed cool.