Not let up for traffic offenders

AS traffic volumes peak over the next two days, withholidaymakers heading back home from the coast, traffic officials have warned of a "zero tolerance" approach towards reckless drivers.

"Law enforcement officers will continue to be out in full force to ensure safety on the roads. Road safety is everybody's responsibility," said Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele.

He said with the increase in traffic volumes it was imperative for motorists to adhere to the road rules.

"More than 600000 vehicles and drivers were stopped and checked across the country from December 1 to 31 as part of the festive season Arrive Alive Road Safety Campaign."

Ndebele said no less than one million vehicles and drivers were stopped and checked between December and January.

Speed has been reported as a major contributory factor to the recent high death toll.

"We cannot continue to lose approximately 14000 lives on our roads every year costing billions of rands," the transport minister said.