Clean up rotten department of arts and culture

I AM writing about the Department of Arts and Culture article in Sowetan in December.

It is sad that the department spends R8million on a single local event and only R500000 of this is paid to the artists.

This comes down to looting DAC funds that were supposed to be used to develop and transform the industry and especially to empower the youth of South Africa.

It is unfortunate that the ministry has inherited a rotten department with a spineless accounting officer (director-general) who is only interested in funding questionable events.

The article highlights precisely what the South African Roadies Association (Sara) has repeatedly complained about to the DAC over the years.

The DAC has been dubbed the "Department of Events" because its senior officials have been looting it and are protected by their masters.

It is not regarded as a serious and important department .

It hurts that a department that gives R8million and assurance letters for a one-day event for local artists, with no residual, refuses to support and fund genuine youth empowerment projects, including paying R165000 for plane tickets for 16 youths for a 10-month, paid-for, on-the-job training programme with UniverSoul Circus in the US.

If the depertment remains committed to the principles of accountability and transparency, why is it taking so long to finalise its disciplinary process?

This is not the first senior DAC official to be suspended, but it is another cover-up to protect corrupt senior officials.

Freddie Nyathela,president: South African Roadies Association