Black opposition is worthless

A LOT has been said about the DA's confrontational style and destructive politics, not to mention its racial politics.

Look at the Western Cape MPL composition and you'll see what I mean.

By appointing an all-white male cabinet Helen Zille has lost an opportunity to convince blacks that her party stands for nonracialism.

Isn't it time we changed focus and looked at our black opposition?

Church leaders should pray that 2010 blesses us with a strong party that will hold the ANC accountable.

Our country is in desperate need of an official black opposition. We have more than five black-led opposition parties but they are as good as dead.

Many blame the ANC for being too powerful, but who makes it so ? Isn't the failure of the opposition, particularly the black opposition, part of the problem?

There was hope that Cope would emerge as the official black opposition, but it is a sad reality that the DA, which represents the interests of whites, is and it appears will remain so for a long time.

Cope has admitted that it is ineffective and dying a slow death - just like Bantu Holomisa's UDM.

Our black opposition is not doing enough to represent the interests of the majority. Opposition parliamentarians are just bench warmers, who are more than happy to collect their salaries. They think that if they ask relevant questions and hold the ANC accountable, they will be labelled the black DA.

Thabile Mange, Kagiso