No water for 80 000 Giyani dwellers

RESIDENTS of Giyani and surrounding areas have learnt that though the Nsami Dam has filled up it doesn't mean they now have water in their homes again.

Residents have been without water for months since the dam - the main supplier to these communities - ran dry.

But recent rains in the area have raised the water level from about five percent to about 60 percent.

But about 80 000 residents still face a dry season because new pipes had not been delivered. The Giyani municipality confirmed that this was why residents were still without water.

Municipality spokesperson Room Mdaka confirmed that the pipe system was being upgraded and until that was completed residents would be without water.

"By February next year construction of new supply lines will be complete and we'll be able to supply water," Mdaka said.

Forecasters have predicted low rainfall over the next two months. The drought has caused the death of thousands of heads of cattle, goats and donkeys.

Giyani residents have no choice but to collect water from dams and rivers that exposes them to waterborne diseases.