ENVIRONMENTALISTS are now not the only ones taking the cause of the planet seriously.

ENVIRONMENTALISTS are now not the only ones taking the cause of the planet seriously.

Top DJ MuZI.GP has not only made the sleeve of his new album Muzimania Unleashed green but also takes time out of his tight schedule to campaign in favour of saving our climate from harmful change.

This means that besides enjoying his hot house music, his are also getting an environmental lesson from the Pretoria-based DJ.

He has also just signed the Green Pledge with the Department of Environment.

DJ MuZI.GP's latest album has been released together with the "Save Our Environment Campaign".

Ironically, when an album sells 20000 copies in South Africa it is said to have gone gold - but this DJ is going green while other artists are concentrating on going platinum.

When asked how he is contributing to the environmental cause he explains that he gave up the original disc design in his album for a solid green motif.

MuZI believes that this will remind anyone buying the disc about "saving the environment" and that they will also enjoy the 15 powerful tracks - which have been given an 8/10 quality rating by Mio (the music industry organisation) - alongside a multitude of congratulations from other musicians as well.

"The Green campaign is meant to make every citizen of South Africa become conscious of our environment."

The campaign must lead to a "healthier nation", the reduction of carbon emissions and meet environmental targets set for 2030, he said.

"Besides the awareness campaign, I have printed my new album sleeve using an environmentally friendly paper called Triple Green," the popular DJ said.

"Triple Green demonstrates Sappi's ongoing commitment to producing high quality fine paper in a sustainable and environmentally sound way," says Albert Lubbe, Sappi Fine Paper South Africa's managing director.