Cheer up and relish Xmas

ONCE again we are going to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day.

ONCE again we are going to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day.

This special day is celebrated in various ways. Most people, even those who have not been to church for ages, will make an effort to grace the house of the Lord with their presence.

I don't know why this particular day evokes such conscious commitment among Christians.

Is it a renewal of faith as in their religion - or faith in a new start in so far as their lives are concerned?

Either way, it's good to know that people always go back to that in which they find the most solace.

Reflecting on it I remembered that as a child I used to look forward to Christmas because of the new clothes, shoes, bags and hats I would get.

Everyone would be admiring the budding lady that you are as you proudly strutted around showing off your finery.

Back then those beautiful and elaborately designed dresses with a stiffening were in vogue.

I suppose back then, even without realising it, we looked like little English aristocrats and were very smug and proud of ourselves.

Then there's the other aspect of Christmas- the smell of ginger and all types of cakes and the various hues that made the many salads that for some seemed only to emerge on December 25.

Special dishes such as turkey, puddings and many other goodies were served on this particular day.

I remember the number of people that came to our house asking for Christmas boxes. We would dish up, serve countless glasses of ginger beer or any other soft drink or liquor on offer.

The next day would be characterised by countless cas es of hangover, regretted at that moment but gladly repeated the following year.

In a nutshell, Christmas was a time for giving, sharing, goodwill and good neighbourliness when everybody, no matter how unfortunate they were, would have plenty to eat.

These days people frown on such acts of generosity. They are happy to indulge aplenty if they are fortunate and ignore those going through a rough patch.

Even the big round eyes that follow the delicious smells and stare at those having a good time, don't seem to move them.

Perhaps, when we celebrate this great day, we should use it to reflect about who we are, the values that sustained and made us a giving nation imbued with ubuntu.

Surely, to extend a helping hand to those going through tough times will not kill us.

Until we have rebuilt our nation brick by brick, starting small, we will only deteriorate and forever raise our hands at the many atrocities visited on us by some of us.

Have a wonderful Christmas full of blessings and the love we forever seek because it makes us a better people.

If you are going away, drive safely so that we can all arrive alive, or kanjani...