Cool it, man

JOURNALISM can be a thankless job.

JOURNALISM can be a thankless job.

But for the true scribe nothing makes the adrenalin pump like sniffing out a story, putting it together and seeing it hit the streets.

The right of the public to be informed, we say, is second to none.

So imagine our shock when part-time actor and wannabe journo Mpho Tsedu ranted and raved over our story about the man who lied that Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane was his biological father.

Deranged Tshepo Lerata even dragged the eminent bishop to a DNA test that exonerated him.

Tsedu told the memorial service of radio and TV presenter Elelwani Muleya the story was trash and so was our reporting.

That, dear reader, speaks volumes about why Tsedu was shown the door at the SABC.

Sorry, Mr Tsedu, you sound like a Mpho Lerata.