Malema a liability to ANC

THE ANCYL "leaders'" racist and anti-communist charade has to end.

For some time now we have been subjected to their derisive behaviour, which we attributed to their being young and needing guidance.

But it is clear that we are dealing with insolent demagogues hellbent on destroying the ANC.

I have been part of the progressive youth movement since the days of the UDF. Paramount in this movement was discipline, which was drummed into our heads by those older than us .

We also differed with our comrades but never referred to them as dogs. We reserved that language for the likes of PW Botha, Magnus Malan and Louse le Grange, who were enemies of our people.

It is a disgrace that so-called leaders of this glorious movement use such vile language against people who fought for the country long before some of these charlatans were born. I am also appalled at the silence of the ANC leadership about this insolence and racist tendencies that contradict its constitution, but is disguised as defending the ANC.

Julius Malema and his ilk need to explain to the ANC family whether, if the late Joe and Ruth Slovo and Bram Fischer were alive and differed with him, he would also have call them messiahs or rail against them as he has against comrades such as Barbara Hogan and Jeremy Cronin?

Malema and his cronies must read about the 1955 mass defiance campaign and the role played by white and communist comrades.

Let me tell Malema that the history of the ANC and the alliance is littered with characters like him who walked the same path and all failed though they were far more intelligent than he is.

I look back to the ANC Youth League of our times and I am proud to have been a part of that generation, not these peacetime heroes who are a liability to the movement we sacrificed so much for.

Njabuliso Churchill Mbatha,