TWO senior Dynamos players have been caught offside and suspended by the National First Division club.

TWO senior Dynamos players have been caught offside and suspended by the National First Division club.

Furious club chairperson Pat Malabela confirmed the suspension of Vumane Mvundla and Ncoko Camagu yesterday. He said the two were being disciplined for going on a drinking spree while in camp.

But he refuted claims that they were also being punished for refusing to pay a sex worker they had invited into their room.

Malabela said the players confessed to going on a drinking spree but vehemently denied inviting a sex worker into their hotel room.

Mvundla, Camagu and their teammates were booked into the hotel for a week following poor results.

"After our game against African Warriors in QwaQwa last weekend, I sat with the players regarding our poor form after doing so well in the past two months. The players started blaming the technical staff. I then decided to book the team into a hotel in Polokwane for the whole week hoping it would help them focus.

"The following day, I received a call from the hotel's management that I should come to Polokwane because there was a discipline problem involving two of our players.

"I called the players in question who confessed they drunk alcohol. They flatly denied bringing in a woman into their room," said Malabela.

A security guard at the hotel said he witnessed the shouting match between the players and the sex worker who threatened to break the windows.

"I also had a meeting with the hotel security guard, who informed us there was a woman who went into the hotel room with the players.

"The guard said he overhead the woman threatening to break the windows. I checked with the hotel management. Nothing was stolen or damaged.

"We are busy with the investigations, but I can tell you we are disappointed with their behaviour. We have decided to suspend them because we don't want the incident to tarnish the image of the club," said a furious Malabela.

The two players could not be reached for comment.

Sex workers in Polokwane allegedly charge about R150 a session.