Igagasi FM DJ full of praise for his toy

HEN Igagasi FM breakfast show host Alex Mthiyane was given a toy BMW X5 a couple of years ago he never even imagine that it was a foretaste of what was to come.

Today he drives the real thing and it is the same colour as the toy given to him during a promotional event. The toy has found a place in his garage where he parks the real one.

"I got the toy a long time ago," he recalls. "I used to look at it and ask myself whether I would one day be able to afford the real thing. It was just a coincidence that I happened to buy the same colour."

He had already dismissed the idea of buying his dream car when a salesperson persuaded him to think again.

"I never thought I could afford it until the sales guy put a deal together for me.

"I used to look at the toy and long for the real thing - and now I am driving one. Buying it was the realisation of a dream.

"The good thing about these big cars is that there won't be a new model for the next four years."

Mthiyane admits that though the comfort is worth every penny the car is pretty heavy on fuel.

"Before you undertake any trip you have to think hard, especially if it is a long trip. But I must say I just love the comfort - whether you are driving on gravel or a tarred road.

Mthiyane says driving such a luxury car attracts the attention of a lot of people - particularly the females.

"Ladies are just crazy about BMWs," he says. "That's a known fact. I have noticed at times, driving past them, that they go wild.

"The guys tend to quietly admire it and get inspired. You can see them thinking 'that'sgoing to be my next car'.

This car comes in handy when you are in need of a pick-up, he points out. It's a multi-purpose machine. You are able to pull down the back seats and convert it into a bakkie.

"One day I had to transport cement in this car. So that's an added advantage."

As much as he enjoys the car he tries not to drive around a lot so as to save fuel.

The longest trip he has undertaken was 400km - and was work-related.

"I can't remember the fastest I have driven the car but it must have been one morning when I was late for work.

"I remember that it was well over the speed limit but fortunately it was around 5am and the traffic allowed it.

"Other than that I am a very patient and responsible driver on the road," Mthiyane said.