Home is his heaven

OSPEL singer Tshepiso Mpotle is definitely living in a little heaven.

OSPEL singer Tshepiso Mpotle is definitely living in a little heaven.

Mpotle, one of the best selling gospel musicians and a humble man, seems to be living his dream.

As we drive to Vanderbijlpark in the Vaal in Gauteng, I become excited. I am curious to see the house that people have been raving about. The house he shares with his wife Gumbi is situated on the banks of the Vaal River in an area called CW5.

The area is very beautiful.

"I moved in more than a year ago and I love it here. I love the place because it is laid-back."

We enter the house through the garage, where two cars are parked. The house is spotlessly clean and you feel like taking off your shoes for fear of leaving marks on the floor.

It's a big double-story with most of the bedrooms on the upper level.

From the tiles to the furniture you can tell that Mpotle is a man who likes beautiful things.

"I love quality and beautiful things. I believe in buying things that will last."

He ushers us into his beautifully decorated sitting room. It is contemporary. The decor is simple yet sophisticated. There are a few paintings on the walls and a huge plasma television.

Mpotle also loves art and the evidence is everywhere.

"I love art because I am an artist myself. When I was growing up I painted as well as played music. I was inspired by my uncle. I don't have enough time to paint now because of my music."

The lounge is uncluttered. The patio is lovely. The dinning room is beautiful. The view is beautiful, especially from the upper level of the house.

Mpotle says in summer he stands outside at night and marvels at the beauty of the area.