Beauty trends for next year

MAKE-UP is one of the many feminine things a woman simply loves.

MAKE-UP is one of the many feminine things a woman simply loves.

She knows that make-up ideas and techniques stimulate the sense of sight, touch and smell. For ages, she has experienced how much make-up styles contribute to maximise her true natural look.

She understands that make-up accentuates her features too.

Some prefer make-up to be a camouflage and others for a seductive effect. Whatever final result a woman desires, every enthusiastic make-up trend follower will be eager to know new make-up trends. Explore and experiment beauty trends and choose make-up techniques that help you look and feel your best.

Here is a quick make-up cosmetics glossary.

Facial make-up

Concealer: The purpose for using a concealer is to hide baggy eyes, pimples and other blemishes. Concealer is available in liquid bottles, tubes, sticks and compacts.

Foundation: The purpose is to make the face look uniform with a smooth effect. Available in liquid, cream and powder.

Powder: Using powder on the face keeps it fresh.

Eye make-up

Eyeliner: Available in pencil and powder form, eyeliner is used on the base of eyelids. The purpose is to accentuate eye size and shape.

It can also be used at the bottom of eyes.

Mascara: The purpose is to darken, lighten or colour eye lashes. Mascara comes in the form of straight or curved wands with a tube.

Lip make-up

Lipstick: Gloss, frost, matte and cream lipsticks are used to colour lips and make them attractive and alluring.

Lip-liner: A pencil is used on the contours of the lips to define them.

Blush: The final touch that provides a classic finish to make-up.

Quintessentially, beauty and make-up trends aim at making the user attractive, noticeable and beautiful.

Following a beauty and make-up trend without considering how best it suits you is unlikely to work to your advantage. You can kick-start the process by gathering information about beauty and make-up trends for 2010. Set aside an hour.

It is very important to be calm and relaxed. Select a well-lit room, preferably during daytime. Stand in front of a full-length mirror. Study your features. Find answers to questions such as:

l What is my eye shape, eye size and eye colour?

l Are my eyelashes short or long, my eyebrows thick or thin?

l Is my skin dry or oily and my skin tone dark, medium or fair.

l How long is my hair, what is my natural hair colour? Is it straight, curly or wavy?

l Are my lips thin or thick and is the colour pale or naturally pink?

l Are my cheekbones high or flat?

l What make-up is required for the occasion, formal or informal?

l The attire and make-up that will complement it?

Study the pluses and minuses to decide what and where work is required - areas you want to play up and those that can be played down.

Take time to understand the role of colours on the skin and hair.

Generally, light colours make features more prominent. Dark colours contribute to creating depth and push down features that are not so good.

Often, blending colours gives fabulous results. Time spent this way will minimise spot make-up time and produces desired results.

Top beauty trends for 2010, many of which are totally influenced by colour.

Emphasised eyebrows

Eyelashes are so 2002. Get ready for glued-on brows, painted brows and brow art.

Shaved heads

If you can't handle the full Monty, you can take it halfway like Rihanna.

Grey hair

Fashion's having a senior moment - platinum blonde taken to the next level.

Space-age sheen

Complexions are radiant and luminous with the use of highlighter across the cheekbone, under the brows and on the nose.

Make sure you use the right kind of highlighter that still manages to look matte, not oily.

Eighties volume hair

The 1980s are back for real.

Wet look and slicked-back hair

If you don't have the guts to shave your head, this is one look you'll be sporting.