Patta was wise not to argue with Malema

PLEASE allow me a say on the Julius Malema-Debora Patta interview. Malema was boastful and full of himself. The braggart said nothing important, good or intelligent.

He is the worst black racist I have ever seen. There is no difference between him and Eugene Terre'Blanche.

How can we be proud of a racist while we try to get rid of racism? Malema is a chatterbox, a spoilt brat, who swears at whites and elders. Because Patta was humble, people think Malema was the winner.

Patta knows that if you argue with a fool people won't see the difference. She's a lady and recognises how stupid Malema is.

He continues in this manner because the ANC allows him to. How can Tokyo Sexwale say Malema is like Madiba? What an insult to Tata! And how can Jacob Zuma say Malema could be the future president? What an insult to our nation. The ANC does not practise what it preaches - democracy, peace and respect.

Patricia Manana, Soweto