Factionalism is rife in the ANC

THE ANC is shrewd. Instead of suspending without pay jailed Endumeni municipality councillor Thandeka Nukani, the ruling party waits for her not to attend three consecutive council meetings. Only then does it act.

Nukani has already been paid more than R70000.

The ANC, which says it is against waste, should have acted speedily to save the cash-strapped municipality, but it could not do that because it did not suspend Umgungundlovu councillors, Peggy Nkonyeni and Sipho Shabalala in the scandal-ridden Shabalalagate.

Nukani, should be regarded as innocent until proven guilty, but the head of the Water and Forestry Department is suspended and is yet to be charged.

Why are ANC politicians more equal than other citizens of the country?

When Jacob Zuma, Peggy Nkonyeni and Tony Yengeni went to court the ANC and its alliance partners wholeheartedly supported them, but Nukani does not even get a visit from the ANC. The same applies to Jackie Selebi.

Doesn't this prove that ANC policies are contradictory and hypocritical?

The war between mayor Zanele Hlatswayo and Alpha Shelembe in the Msunduzi municipality proves the ANC's un-suitability to govern.

We believed that post-Polokwane the ANC would be united under Zuma.

What divides the ANC are contracts and positions, hence factionalism is dominant even in the Zuma clique.

Lungile Cele, Hammersdale