'Suspend her now'

THE Scottsville Primary School teacher who "drove a 13-year-old pupil to commit suicide" is in deep trouble and could be banned from the teaching profession.

Calls for her immediate suspension were again made yesterday.

This comes after the report of an investigation conducted by the Department of Education - and released this week - revealed that the teacher's actions had led to the child's suicide.

The case has been referred to the SA Council for Educators (Sace) after the investigation accused the teacher of violating the teaching profession's ethics.

Sace, which monitors the conduct of teachers, will be conducting its own investigation.

The teacher, whose name has been withheld by the Education Department, was blamed for violating the teachers' code of conduct and of having behaved unprofessionally.

S'duduzo Qulo reportedly hanged himself because he did not want to go back to the school to be taught by a "racist teacher".

Sace chairperson Rej Brijraj said they would put pressure on the department to suspend the teacher with immediate effect.

The teacher remains in her post and the Department of Education has not taken any disciplinary action against her despite their investigation

The department's hands are apparently tied because she was employed by the school and not by the department.

"We are going to put pressure on the department to suspend the teacher as soon as possible," Brijraj said.

"One of the punishments includes the teacher being blacklisted from ever teaching again - and being entered on the database of teacher offenders guilty of behaving unprofessionally.