Musina mayor receives threats

THE mayor of Musina municipality Caroline Mahasela is living in fear after she reportedly received threats that her property would be destroyed.

Mahasela allegedly received an unsigned letter that had been dropped on the road shortly after a councillor's car was burnt.

Hlaolani Mlati, an ANC councillor in Musina, woke up to find his Mercedes-Benz in flames in the early hours of yesterday morning. The car was parked at his house in Musina.

It is not known what had triggered the suspected arson and no arrests have been made yet.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Mohale Ramatseba said yesterday that a 2-litre petrol container was found next to the burnt car. The container also forms part of the police investigations, he said.

"The owner of the house, who is also a councillor in the Musina municipality, told us he woke up to find smoke coming out of his car," Ramatseba said.

He said because the car was parked near a bedroom window, a window pane had also cracked due to the blaze.

"The victim also told us there were children's IDs inside the car when it was burnt," he said.

"We are currently investigating the motive for the action."

Ramatseba said the car was valued at about R300000.

Mahasela told Sowetan yesterday that a resident had picked up a letter, warning her that her car was next in line to be burnt.

She said the letter had already been forwarded to the police for investigation.