Malema is proud of our African culture

REPEATING the sentiments expressed by Maupi Monyemangena on December 4 I would like to congratulate ANCYL president Julius Malema for cutting Debora Patta down to size.

What I would like to highlight, though, is Malema's stand on African culture during their discussion.

I think he is 100percent correct in saying that Patta and others know nothing about Pedi culture. I am greatly concerned about those NGOs that are on a mission to destroy our culture.

Our culture existed long before their great-greatgrandfathers invaded our country. I am referring to the bare-handed slaughtering of a cow during the ukweshwama ritual.

This might sound racist but all these organisations, including Animal Rights Africa, are managed by a tiny minority.

They have only one primary objective, which is to destroy African culture.

In these organisations' view ukweshwama is barbaric, or perhaps put decently, cruelty to animals.

Malema seems to be loyal to African culture judging by the way he promotes it. I appreciate his contribution to protecting our culture.

The youth leader is the only South African who boldly deals with contentious issues.

Some organisations in our country are doing huge damage to our children. For example, those organisations that claim to be protecting children's rights.

At present a child in South Africa has more rights than a parent.

Now children even have the right to terminate pregnancies. Lafa elihle kakhulu - gone are the good old days.

Fika Mbambo, Gauteng