THIS festive season clothing fashions are filled with feminine and stylish designs and the same goes for bathing suits.

THIS festive season clothing fashions are filled with feminine and stylish designs and the same goes for bathing suits.

Whether you are going to share the beach with napping cows on the Wild Coast or sip a cocktail on the beach at Umhlanga, you need fashionable swim wear.

From geometrical prints to florals, from vibrant colours to classical black and white, from demure silhouettes to cut-outs, the beach season is defiantly going to be sizzling hot!

What's in?

Because vintage styles have had a great influence on fashion trends, swimsuit trends have also been inspired by vintage looks, says Gert Johan Coetzee of Diamond Face Couture,

"The styles of the designs can be easily divided into simple, vintage and modern."

Now let's look at the styles to choose from.


Cut-outs are among the most trendy and sexy bathing suit styles this season. Whether subtle cuts or huge chunky rips, they look spectacular.

They reveal the beautiful form of the body yet conceal a certain amount of skin, making the style mysterious and sexy at the same time.

The colours, either earth-toned or powerful, emphasise the design of the suits.

Vintage styles

Vintage-inspired designs have an incredible look. They are perfect for stylish women who love yesteryear's pin-up fashion styles.

Whether one- or two-piece, they take you back to the 1950s and help you underline your style.

Modern two-piece

Two-piece suits are modern bathing-suit styles that can create various looks depending on the cut and colour. Vivid colours as well as simple monochromes look gorgeous and suit everyone's style.

Classic one-piece

The one-piece bathing suit seems to be timeless and suits everyone. Thin or curvy, women can look beautiful in this swimsuit style because of the flattering cut and designs.

Choose a strapless, one shoulder or regular one-piece suit in one or multiple colours and you will look beautiful.

How to look beautiful in your swimwear

lUse blocks of colour to divert attention from wide hips or a belly bulge. Wear one-piece suits with a dark-coloured, solid lower half and a lighter coloured or printed bodice.

lChoose suits with at least 15 percent spandex to minimise flabby areas. If you have wide hips, opt for styles that cut across the hips rather than hang below them.

lEnhance a small chest with a lightly padded halter top or a demi-cut with an under-wire; the demi-cut resembles a bra but is not a full cup.

Also look for suits that offer texture, like ruffles or smocking, and material with a small print. These are guaranteed to deflect attention from your bust.

lMinimise a full chest with a dark, monochromatic bodice that has a high or square-cut neck.

Make sure the suit offers your bust ample support to resist drooping or sagging and choose a wider cut bottom to balance your overall look.

lElongate a petite frame with a one-piece suit that has thin vertical stripes. Lend short legs length with a suit cut high on the hip.

l Give a square or boyish figure the appearance of a waist with a one-piece or tankini (a bikini with a top shaped like a tank top) that has a darker colour from the crotch to the middle ribs and a lighter colour over the chest.

Consider a skort, a combination short and skirt, to conceal and divert attention away from a too-round bottom.

lIf you have toned legs and sexy shoulders, flaunt them in a string bikini or cut out one-piece swimsuit.

Swimwear don'ts foroverweight women

lAvoid bikinis, narrow shoulder straps and light lustrous fibers, very low or very high cuts on thighs, swimsuits with very high neck cuts and those with bra cups without bones and without vertical patterns.

Beach clothes - a light shirt, tunic, and light beach trousers. If you have excess weight, a wide sunhat would help to balance your figure.

Swimsuits for women with short neck or double chin

If you have a short neck or a double chin, you should avoid swimsuits with high neck cuts. Such models attract attention to the annoying part of the body. Rather choose a swimsuit with a deep V-shaped cut or without shoulder straps (if your breasts are not very large).

Swimwear for women with plump arms

Plump arms surely can not be hidden when you wear a swimsuit, but you can distract the attention to the chest area. Choose a swimsuit richly decorated with details or a print on the chest. You can also get a light, transparent blouse.

Swimsuits for women with wide hips

If you have wide hips, you should avoid light-coloured, shiny fabric, belts straps, and transversal print in the lower area of the swimsuit.

Be careful not to put extra emphasis on the waist. A one-piece with inserts that tighten the belly will suit you. A good choice is a swimsuit with bright top (colour, print) and smooth bottom or with a vertical print, preferably with the shoulder straps wide apart. - Additional