Manamela has no clue about Aids conspiracy

I HAVE listened with much attention to the issue raised by the Young Communist League's Buti Manamela and I wonder if this is a publicity stunt or does the young communist leader want to outshine Julius Malema?

Manamela should know the truth about the Aids pandemic.

And why are the majority of our people not speaking out so that the likes of PW Botha, Pik Botha, Magnus Malan, Adriaan Vlok, Louis le Grange, Wouter Basson and all the scientists responsible for this genocide can be brought to book?

Nobody is fighting for them to be lynched.

The YCL singles out Thabo Mbeki because they want to perpetuate a black-on-black confrontation, while the real culprits live in luxury and are immune from prosecution.

Basson should be dragged to the graves that are scattered across our country to see the genius of his work and then be publicly hanged.

The others, such as Pik, should face a firing squad. Their children should be told about their evil ways. For me, that will be justice.

Manamela must know his facts and must fight for the victims of the war that we all thought was over. Unfortunately those masterminds are still in combative mode and the results are the number of people who are dying of the disease.

What Mbeki had said was subjected to various interpretations, with the enemy of the black majority controlling how we perceive the issue.

Thanks to Mbeki many pharmaceutical companies never had a chance to get rich at the expense of the people's pain and suffering.

Ramokhoase Sello, Pretoria