Parents apathetic, says Zille

DA leader Helen Zille has questioned society's commitment to the education system.

DA leader Helen Zille has questioned society's commitment to the education system.

Writing in her party's online letter, Zille said a lack of protests against the poor state of education was an indication of a lack of interest.

"It is a mystery why people - many of them parents - are quick to engage in protest over poor service delivery but do not take to the streets demanding a better education for their children," she said.

Zille said the education system was far behind and indications were that it was on the decline and the uneducated were a burden to the state.

"Very few people would dispute the value of a good education. Those without it are destined to remain dependent on handouts," she said.

"Given the obvious decline in the quality of our schooling, it is curious that education is rarely cited as a key priority by responses in social surveys."

National Association of School Governing Bodies chairperson Mahlomola Kekana said there were platforms for communities to participate in the schooling system without resorting to protests.

"The SA Schools Act provides a platform for parents, communities and all stakeholders to raise issues related to challenges faced by schools.

"There is no need to take to the streets. All stakeholders have embraced means that allow them access to improve the education system," Kekana said.

"The doors of learning and teaching are open and there is continuous engagement."

Zille lashed out at Sadtu for "protecting unproductive teachers".

"They are protected by powerful unions such as Sadtu, who care more about shielding incompetent cadres than the quality of our children's education. Sadtu is quick to take to the streets when members' interests are threatened."