Motormouths at it again with ukweshwama

SOUTH Africa's "motormouth community" has been very quiet for a long time while the rest of the country and the world expected them to condemn the shenanigans at the Reitz hostel of the Free State University.

The last time our ears were bombarded was when a particular political party in this country, which is a motormouth, was campaigning to "Stop the ANC" or was it "Stop Zuma?"

But their noise faded when they should have given guidance to the four hooligans in the Free State.

But now that the bull story has been unleashed, irksome noises are again being made about the ukweshwama ritual practised by the Zulu people.

Zulu culture and tradition are part of the African heritage and should, as such, be treasured.

Freedom means having the indisputable right to enjoy every aspect of and also to be able to celebrate our culture and traditions.

This can now take place thanks to the judgment of Judge Nick van der Reyden, who instead of ridiculing Zulu culture referred the matter to Parliament for further discussions.

The Reitz incident, in which our elders were insulted, was mostly opposed by blacks and some right-thinking white South Africans .

Between the bull and our community, who's dignity has been trampled on? The rehearsed apology of the Reitz four and the animal rights activists will never change my stance.

They should try their luck in Spain, where bullfighting is an ordinary game.

Diale Kgantsi, Mafikeng