King takes up battle against Aids

YOUNG Zulu men will now undergo circumcision after King Goodwill Zwelithini announced its revival to bolster efforts to fight the spread of HIV-Aids.

The practice of circumcision Zulus will differ from that of Xhosas in that it will to involve medical practitioners to avoid unnecessary deaths.

Speaking at the Umkhosi Wokweshwama at the weekend Zwelithini said: "In the context of the fight against HIV-Aids, I announce my intention to revive the practice of circumcision among young men."

He declared war on on HIV and Aids, and other diseases, including Tuberculosis.

Zwelithini said men should be in the forefront in fighting the epidemic.

He reinforced warnings about the outbreak of HIV and Aids indicating that it's a man's responsibility to protect the nation.

"Men should protect women and children from the scourge of disease. In the past warriors built and protected the Zulu nation," he said.

The practice was discontinued by King Shaka, who associated it with a waste of time because warriors had to spend months undergoing initiation at the expense of building an army.