Tiger Woods is demystified

I KNOW a lot about golf. In fact, any golf widow worth her salt should be able to talk with authority about the sport.

I KNOW a lot about golf. In fact, any golf widow worth her salt should be able to talk with authority about the sport.

Never mind that I have never lifted a golf club in my life, and I hope I never have to use one to break a window so I can "rescue" my loved one from an accident.

I also know the number one golf rule - never ever say anything negative about the iconic number one golfer, Tiger Woods.

When Woods is on television there must be complete awe-inspired silence and one is allowed to open one's mouth only when cheering Tiger on. But this week Woods has been demystified by none other than his wife, ElinNordegren.

What a brave and loving woman she is. As a fellow golf widow, I applaud her pragmatic use of the golf club. Initially, I thought golf was all about sticks, balls and holes, but Tiger's devoted wife has demonstrated the other uses of a golf club.

Earlier this week, it was reported that she bashed a window - or Tiger's head - in a bid to open the car door so that her dazed and injured husband could be saved.

As expected in scandals involving prominent people and their shenanigans, more women are coming forward claiming to have had an affair with him.

Now there seems to be consensus that what happened at the Woods's estate was no ordinary accident. It is believed that his wife assaulted him on Friday night, causing him to flee their home and crashing his car.

The world's top golfer has stopped short of admitting to an affair, but instead issued an apology conceding that he let his family down. In an emotional posting on his website, Woods says: "I have not been true to my values and the behaviour my family deserves . I regret those transgressions with all of my heart."

The world loves Tiger Woods, and his prowess on the golf course is not the only reason he is adored, feared and admired. He is credited with boosting interest in the game of golf worldwide, and it is known that when the Tiger is on the prowl at a tournament, TV audiences and sponsorship increase.

Black golfers, in particular, have an intense attachment to him and have claimed him as their own.

I must add, though, that Woods considers himself a "Cablinasian" - in English that means half-black, one-quarter American-Indian, one-quarter white father and a Thai mother, or, with the same caveat, a half-Thai, half-Chinese mother.

But let's leave that for another day, because whether he likes it or not, black people are proud of him. He is the most successful "dark" player in a traditionally white sport.

At 34 Woods is arguably the best-known sportsman of his generation, and with 14 majors to his name he is clearly on his way to becoming the most successful golfer of all time.

But he clearly has feet of clay and that is the common denominator between all people everywhere.

Regardless of our stature, talents and achievements, our flawed human nature means that we have the propensity to walk into compromising situations with both eyes open.

That is why we should admire and respect people but not revere and deify them.

What shocks me, though, is when someone with such a formidable brand as Tiger's expects privacy at a time like this.

As a renowned golfer who has been marketed vigorously all over the world and has posed for cameras during high moments of his life, he is silly to expect the world to not care about his low moments as well. He says he wants to deal with this "behind closed doors" with his family. Please!

He should have known that when someone who has so much to lose gets involved with people who would thrive on this publicity and have much to gain from being associated with him, the doors will not remain closed. It is those "associates" who are now spilling the beans.

The wonderful thing about life, though, is that it gives us second chances.

It is when we don't take advantage of those chances that we truly fall.