Malema exposes Patta

ON DECEMBER 1 I watched an interview on's 3rd Degree featuring ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema.

ON DECEMBER 1 I watched an interview on's 3rd Degree featuring ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema.

For once I got to see an unfettered presentation of Malema and the outcome has reshaped my views about the youth leader.

Though I have always believed in Malema's unpolished intellectual capabilities, I had never been so exposed to his thoughts.

For a very long time I have watched3rd Degree. I have seen Debora Patta tear Mbongeni Mgema to shreds on the Sarafina issue and not so much on fact, but rather on his inability to keep up with the presenter.

3rd Degree has rightfully exposed many a scoundrel, but the interview with Malema was a breath of fresh air because I had become disillusioned with Patta's style of interviewing guests.

For far too long the show has treated interviewees with utter disdain and without proper recourse to giving both sides of the story.

For far too long 3rd Degree has arguably held sway.

Take the Leonard Chuene interview for instance. Although I am no fan of Chuene, I felt that despite his tactless behaviour it was galling and petrifying how Patta talked down to him.

I am also no fan of Simon Mann, but I remain mystified at how the media covered his matter. At the forefront of the coverage of the man who allegedly sought to shed rivers of blood, the media's focal point was " how he missed his family".

I am equally perplexed by the kid-gloves treatment of Alan Heyl of the Stander gang .

I won't even bother to write about their elevation of movie stars.

Malema's interview somehow balanced the scales. 3rd Degree showed that he is a pragmatist who has been portrayed negatively and turned into a caricature. I congratulate Malema for speaking his mind and I enjoyed every minute of the interview. He didn't flinch, even when insinuations were hurled his way.

I have always found Patta's rather condescending style a problem . While some would argue that she is an intrepid journalist, I believe she breaks all ethical rules in the pursuit of "perceived truth and beliefs".

Malema exposed Patta so much that at one point I pitied her. I ungrudgingly bestow the plaudits on Malema.

Maupi Monyemangene, Botlokwa