Bafana Bafana is not proudly South African

OUR national soccer team is a soulless outfit without an identity, culture or tradition - both on and off the field.

Bafana Bafana is ranked 86th in the world and unless a miracle happens they will go into the finals next year as both the worst host team in World Cup history and the lowest ranked team of the tournament.

While supporters of other teams create powerful songs and chants to galvanise their teams, our Bafana Bafana play to the deafening noise of the vuvuzela.

While other teams in Africa go by creative and fear-instilling nicknames such as Indomitable Lions, Lions of Teranga, Palancas Negras, Mambas and so on. Ours go by the silly Bafana Bafana.

As a proud South African who supports all our national teams with fervent passion, Bafana Bafana have broken my heart countless times. While I always forgive them for their lack of prowess, I find it totally disgusting that the bumbling idiots running Safa don't understand that a national team is part of a nation's symbols and heritage.

Our national teams are known all over the world by a predominantly green and gold strip. Safa decided with typical incompetence that Bafana will wear an ugly, garish yellow jersey (not gold) in 2010.

The world will be shocked to see our yellow stadiums instead of our green and gold national colours. This means that anybody wearing a Springbok or Proteas jersey will look totally out of place.

Knowing how corrupt our soccer administrators are, I will not be surprised if a certain cellphone company, synonymous with the colour yellow, coerced Safa into swopping colours. All this at the expense of our national pride. What a shame.

Tendani Siala, Garsfontein