fraudster dares cops to find him

A SELF-CONFESSED fraudster, who thrives on stealing people's identities and running up large debts in their names, has dared the police to find him.

"And I am not about to stop," he bragged. "This is the only skill I have. At least I am not killing anyone.

"The police must do their job and catch me if they can," said a Pretoria man who operates under several names.

John Morapedi, a business analyst fromSoweto, says he got the shock of his life when a Nedbank employee phoned him and told him that he had defaulted on a R16000 personal loan repayment.

"I told them that I have never applied for any loan.

"We later discovered that this man used my information to apply for a loan before going on a shopping spree.

"I contacted him on the cellphone number he provided and he didn't deny anything. I have opened a case in Soweto and it was later transferred to Pretoria," a distraught Morapedi said.

Sowetan contacted the suspect, who calls himself John, yesterday.

"Do me a favour and Google the word 'fraud'," he said.

He later asked: "After reading the dictionary meaning of fraud do you still think I owe Morapedi?

"If there is anyone who lost anything here it is the bank and the nice thing is that they don't know me."

Sounding unperturbed, the man revealed that he was married with two children and that he drives a luxury car.

"I have an IT degree but I am fascinated by this," he said.

Asked if we could visit his house, he calmly remarked: "Do you honestly expect me to tell you where I stay?"

He also offered tips to Morapedi.

"He must make an affidavit stating that he knows nothing and submit his ID book so they can see he is not responsible.

"The bank will then write that debt off because they won't get to me."

Crime intelligence spokesperson Senior Superintendent Tummi Golding said: "People like him should never underestimate the security standards of this country.

"He will be behind bars soon just like many other criminals."