Couples urged to build stable marriages

LAST Saturday I attended a marriage seminar. The theme was: Building stable marriages.

It was organised by the Kagiso-based Kgathelopele Couples Club, which is Christian oriented. The seminar was well-attended.

The club's objective is to revive and preserve marriages, most of which are on the brink of collapse.

The initiative enjoys the support of local pastors, who are concerned about the many troubled marriages, especially those of young couples.

The seminar revealed that that there is lack of role models for married couples. This is a cause for concern because young couples have no one to look up to.

The truth is that in our society it has become normal and acceptable for married people - especially men, no offence intended - to cheat.

Are we building a nation of cheaters?

It is a fact that the divorce rate is high and there are many contributory factors.

Two contributory factors were identified: adultery and extra-marital affairs.

God hates divorce and so should everyone.

This demon is killing our nation and promoting single parents.

It also robs innocent children of the opportunity to be raised in a stable environment. And this has dire consequences.

The seminar encouraged partners to honour and respect marriage. It also urged couples not to commit adultery and not to be have extra-marital affairs.

Unless we heed this advice, the divorce rate will remain high. Let's preserve our marriages.

Thabile Mange, Kagiso