What Mbeki never said

FOR the sake of clarity, may I enter the tired "Mbeki must be charged with genocide" debate.

FOR the sake of clarity, may I enter the tired "Mbeki must be charged with genocide" debate.

I must state that on a normal day I never stoop low and engage on silly logic forwarded by intellectual retards.

The free-for-all venomous tirades against Thabo Mbeki can be directly linked to those who are hungry for vengeance and are still in awe of how the former president usually outfoxed and belittled their inept intellectual prowess during his reign.

Just like when Jesus Christ was prosecuted on the basis of lies and exaggerations, so is Mbeki being smeared with every allegation that his detractors can think of. They add or remove words from his utterances to find him guilty.

Mbeki never said there is no link between HIV and Aids. He has on different occasions dared anyone who ever heard him say so to produce evidence of that. The silence has been deafening.

Secondly, Mbeki advanced a debate based on the fact that since Aids is not a disease, but a syndrome, which is a collection of opportunistic diseases, the approach to address it should be multi-pronged.

A multi-pronged approach to the acquired immunity deficiency syndrome would, in his opinion, include a special attention to poverty and other conditions that render the majority of HIV-positive people vulnerable to Aids.

Mbeki cautioned of an over-emphasis on the use of drugs while issues of proper nutrition and other factors were ignored.

The truth must be told once and for all that the ANC adopted policies during Mbeki's presidency in its conferences as to how to deal with HIV and Aids and Mbeki has never been accused of disregarding the conference resolutions on HIV and Aids.

Don Shongwe, Windsor East