Women, unite to stop HIV spread

TODAY is World Aids day and the entire world will remind us to commit ourselves to stopping the spread of the pandemic and also to implement a comprehensive HIV-Aids strategy.

We are approaching the festive season and 2010, the year of the African World Cup. So while we enjoy ourselves, we must never losesight of the fact that "no matter what, I will abstain, be faithful and condomise".

The youth is our nation's flowers and a nation without youth is like a tree without roots. From the youth (roots) grow another generation. Political leaders must, 265 days a year, callon our youth to change their behaviour and join an army of combatants against Aids.

Young people can prevent more infection. Men can join wise men who respect the choice of women to use condoms.

No youth between the ages of 15 and 35 can claim to be ignorant about the risk of sex without a condom . No youth can claim not to know that abstinence is lekker and moja . No young person can deny that faithfulness in a relationship frustrates the virus. Monogamy and faithfulness contribute to arresting the spread of HIV.

We know that women are the most vulnerable and in many multiple relationships and in polygamy, they are forced into unsafe sex.

The 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Children and World Aids Day are interlinked to conscientise people . Women should unite against the spread of further infections.

Jenny Bonhomme and Lungile Cele, Durban