Rural plan needs all of us to succeed

THE fight for social freedom and stability does not lie solely with what government is or is not doing for its people. It also lies partly with our communities, NGOs, the private sector and so on.

It is not about what the government is doing for us but rather what we are doing to make government work for us.

This is the attitude all ordinary South Africans should aspire to.

The new Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has been given the mandate to facilitate integrated development and social cohesion through participatory approaches in partnership with all sectors of society.

The department has also been given the mandate to facilitate the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme.

The programme focuses on enabling rural people to take control of their destiny with support from the government, and so to deal effectively with rural poverty through the optimal use and management of natural resources.

Rural communities have to take control of where they live and work. They have to remind the government of the promises it made to the people.

The programme has come at the right time, when the general spirit of our people is to work together.

The youth and community at large must vigorously engage with local municipalities to seek better ways of helping to develop rural communities because together we can do more.

Support this important programme and other government programmes because this will not only benefit rural people, but also bring prosperity to our beautiful country.

Rethabile Mohanoe, Vaal